Touch Objects and Render Passes

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Joe Styles
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Touch Objects and Render Passes

Post by Joe Styles » 27 Nov 2013, 12:19

Hi all,

Great to be back on the forum!

Wondering if anyone at ventuz can confirm that I have found a feature as I am a bit stuck with touch objects listening to render passes that they are set not to render in.

I have created a scene that has a render pass (with a cloned output) at the top level to set camera offset positions. When I have a touch object lower level and only want the touch to happen in one of the render passes it is happening in both. I know this is to do with the top level clone but lower level the touch object should just be listening to the render pass it is set to render in.

Can this be fixed at all??
Attached is a simplified version of the problem I have encountered.

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Joe Styles
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Re: Touch Objects and Render Passes

Post by Karol » 28 Nov 2013, 10:43

Hi Joe!

I don't have a quick workaround for this now.
Can't tell you if this is easy to solve - if yes, it could be fixed for Ventuz 4.2.0 which probably come in the second week of December.


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