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How to start ticker in the middle of the screen on the reset

Posted: 17 Jan 2018, 16:09
by Jodaine Moore
How to always start a ticker in the middle of the screen. I am creating a touchscreen where I have multiple texts going from left to right but if I hit the reset button the text starts from the left again. usually, when I am making ticker I call the reset event on scene load(I do this because sometimes the ticker does not scroll). But for this project, I want to use the ticker as a background (with random text) where I am updating the texts at runtime. My aim is to have the text scrolling at all times and the text should always be visible no matter what scene I go to or when I first open the app.

Am I right to just remove reset on load and my ticker will always play no matter what(with no error in the data of course)? So if I close the app, go from scene to scene, fade the text background out, or restart the pc the text fill the screen and scrolling.

Thank J