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Separated video problem

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 09:48
by Samotar26
Hello, here i have to ask for help again. Im doing my biggest action so far and im quite nervous with the problem i have.

I am gonna use Ventuz to project on LED screen, and i have 5670x 180 pixels led screen, but i have only one output from computer, so i have to separate 1 video to 3 diefferent rows and then connect them on LED screen through led screen processor. They have to be synchronous, since it would look terrible.

In Ventuz i have like 20 scenes combined into one, where in each scene there is one Big video on main screen which is OK, i dont need that one to go synchronous with others, but there are also three rows of videos on rectangle which is big exactly like the LED screen, but i have it positioned, so only 1890 pixels are shown in the first row, then in second row are next 1890 pixels, and in the last row are the last 1890 pixels. On every one of them i have the same video so on screen it would look like one big flawless video. But here is the catch for me. Some of the scenes are alright, but at some of them:

the 3 wide videos vill start allright, but after some time one of them goes behind the others in time, so the other wait, and after that, they never get synchronous again, they just nonstop lag. I have set that the 3 videos will go in Sync, and the Main screen video Async, but even the Main screen video tries to go synchronized with other 3, so even the main screen video lags.

Is there some way, to make it alright, did i set something wrong, or forgot to set something? Is there some workaround about that? Or is it the Hardware problem, in that case, what should i invest to my PC so it would be OK?

I hope i explained it in an understandable way.

Thank you for any help, really appreciate it.

With best regards.

Frankie / Samotar 26

Re: Separated video problem

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 14:09
by Samotar26
Never mind that question, i already found out the problem. For some reason one of the videos was nonstop restarting each 0,5 second which caused the lag in other videos. Can someone please delete this topic? Looks like i cant do it by myself.

Thank you.


Re: Separated video problem

Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 15:08
by Götz_B
Hi Frankie,

glad you could solve your problem.

Just one question:
Why did you decide to split your video instead of using the Render Setup?


Re: Separated video problem

Posted: 02 Nov 2017, 13:15
by Samotar26
Hello, sorry for replying after this long time.

Im still a newbie, so either i dont understand what youre trying to say now or theres a way i dont know about.

I had 2 outputs from computer to our LED processors. Each one of them cannot do more than Full HD resolution and i had onstage screen bigger than Full HD. One of the processors had to render 3 times width of FullHD, so i had a workaround in Ventuz.

The resoltion for on stage LED was 5670 x 180 pixels. So what i did was that i created exactly the same width videos and placed them each under the other with difference of 180 pixels so they dont overlapped and then i made them load from the same video file so it wouldnt create a lag between them and i moved each video row and moved it on X axis with the difference of 1890 pixels, so each row would display different 1/3 of the video and then I set our processor to take video signal from each of the 3 video rows to specific LED pannels. That way i created from 3 times 1890x180 a pure 5670x180 pixels without any trace of separrating the video

Its easier to do than to explain :D :D