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Alpha transition

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 12:32
by Samotar26

im really sorry to bother with this easy question, but i cant find a solution and it kinda holds me back in project. Im sure its just something simple, im just overthinking everything.

Long story short.

I have 4 randomly appearing pictures on the screen. There are always 4 pictures shown, and once every 4,5 seconds one of them dissaperars through alpha and appears on a different place on the screen. No problem there. But once picture 1 and 2 cross their positions only one is shown, so i have set it, that pictures move through the Z axis few points so the pictures higher in the hierarchy will be shown. (picture 1 is highest in hierarchy, picture 4 is lowest) Still no problem in that.

But when a picutre 1 is supposed to appear over picture 2, then border of the highger picture (black rectangle) will appear instantly instead of fluent transition through alpha, so the lower picture 2 is not nicely visible. The picture 1 is supposed to fluently appear through alpha over picture 2 while picture 2 is still visible during the transition.

I have tried several things that came to my mind to solve this, but none helped.

So i have no place to turn to you.

I hope you understand what im trying to say.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

With best regards.


Re: Alpha transition

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 14:35
by Christian Krix Schmidt
Have you tried the Z-Sort node? That should help with your setup.

Re: Alpha transition

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 16:45
by Samotar26
There it is. I knew it would be something so simple :D

Im really sorry for bothering you with something so simple.

But thank you a lot, saved me a lot of time :)

With best regards,


Re: Alpha transition

Posted: 22 Aug 2017, 18:28
by Christian Krix Schmidt
You are welcome. And don't worry about asking. It's not a stupid question at all. It is one of the most complicated topics there is. I'm just glad that in your case there is a simple solution.