Template Port >>active Unload a scene

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Template Port >>active Unload a scene

Post by s-petersen » 08 Apr 2017, 04:32

hi there,

i want to unload a scene "active" from an template port.

i have a build a scene with 5 or more template ports. i used this scen to load dif. presentations (using one or more ports) depends on the presentation...

i load an presentation where i´m using 2 of my 5 ports.
than i change the presentation, now i´m using 5 ports.

now i want to change back in my 2-ports presentation.

whats happening:
the "empty" 3 ports, 3 to 5, still holding the "old scenes".
when i´m changing now back to my 5-port presentation, the ports loading scenes double. means i see two scenes loaded on each port (3-5) in the stage view window and i see also a doubling in the renderer.

can i "activly" unload a scene from an Template port?

link to image of stage view window:


4 your help!

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