Oculus DK2

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Oculus DK2

Post by hummerbaendiger » 04 Feb 2016, 14:36


I was playing with the Oculus DK2 recently and noticed that there is now a feature to directly transfer the image to the HMD. If I get the concept right, there will be no additional screen needed anymore that would present the Oculus screen.
Has anybody alredy experimented with this approach and Ventuz?

I'm wondering now if it is possible at all to have an application powered by Ventuz running on the Oculus? Most likely one needs to use the off-screen shared surface to transfer the image to the Oculus?
Or am I just to blind to see an easier way?

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Re: Oculus DK2

Post by stephan » 05 Feb 2016, 09:05

I spent a lot of days in running the DK2. Although there is a fine oculus videotutorial on ventuz-site, I had no success.
Using the recommanded wrapper, registered dll to GAC, compilingtest with no errors. Tested with all available rift sdk-versions. :cry:

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Re: Oculus DK2

Post by lerou » 05 Feb 2016, 12:10

The Oculus had the extended mode, which was basically just the Oculus being an additional display. That means you could render any output to that display. Now if you render two images and apply the correct distortion - there you go: VR.

The extended mode was removed. Now you have implement the Rift on another level, meaning right into your renderer. This can not be done within the Ventuz scene. Therefore at the moment I see no way to use the Rift with the current SDK.


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