How do I calculate Ventuz-coordinates from an aspect-ratio?

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How do I calculate Ventuz-coordinates from an aspect-ratio?

Post by squiggle » 30 Aug 2014, 11:01

I know that in „Ventuz-space“ the coordinates of the screen borders of a default Ventuz-scene for a 16:9 aspect ratio are about +/- 22,1 on the X-axis and +/- 12,46 on the Y-axis. The problem ist the word „about“ -- I have no idea what the actual coordinates are or how to calculate them.

Sometimes I need to arrange objects numerically for an absolute screen size/ratio. Example: A screen with a ratio/resolution of 16:9/1920x1080 that shall display a grid of 6 by 4 cubes that, when not rotated, cover exactly 270x270 px each on the screen, leaving no visible borders between the cubes and exactly 300 px of empty space to the right screen edge. A PixelSpace-node would be unsuitable because I want to 3D-transform the cubes later on.

Obviously I could position the objects manually/visually until I have reached the desired look, but that a) feels rather inelegant and b) over the years I’ve had some nasty surprises as to how many lines a screen would actually (physically) display (e.g. working on a screen that would crop a line at the top, when testing the scene on the actual production screen that line was clearly visible).

I guess this gets rather complicated when factoring in different FOVs/projections/camera-angles, but is there a (simple, rule-of-thumb) calculation for the default 45°-FOV-projection of a Ventuz-scene without a dedicated camera (if that’s what the default is)?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: How do I calculate Ventuz-coordinates from an aspect-rat

Post by chriss0212 » 31 Aug 2014, 14:01

hi squiggle

take a look on the pixel space node!



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