Presenter only working in Virtual Full screen

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Presenter only working in Virtual Full screen

Post by davidkmiller » 30 Sep 2016, 19:58

I have an install where presenter is not opening in full screen. I see just the icon in the windows start bar. When i switch to windowed mode the presentation shows Configuration window is we set to Virtual Full screen the presentation shows up full screen...but this is not ideal as attempting to sync across multiple machines. Looking for troubleshooting steps to resolve unable to render fullscreen issues. I have seen this before but have never had a clear idea of what causes this.

AMD w9100 card outputting @

Anyone with feedback would be superb.


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Re: Presenter only working in Virtual Full screen

Post by joysprod » 03 Oct 2016, 07:34

We also use the W9100 cards. I would suspect the amd eyefinity. Does it go full screen if just outputting to a single display?

How are you setting the output @30hz? We have output many times to 7680x1080 but always at either 50 or 60 hz.



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