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Ventuz & MuliTaction

Post by Ventuz007 » 09 Jan 2014, 11:53

Hi yall,

We are happy to own a brand ne 55’’ MutiTaction Cell now. I have been playing around with it for quiet a bit now. Whilst the finger tracking is beyond awesome, I encountered some strange behavior with the marker tracking. I am pretty sure that I can enhance the results by tweaking the settings on the device some more, but whenever I try to touch the marker, the device recognizes a white spot over the marker. This seems to confuse the device and it looses the marker.

The other major problem I have got is with the interaction diagnostics of Ventuz. At some point it keeps showing active touches. From that point on it won’t clear the display anymore. Also, the active touches keep adding up. I could not find a pattern yet. I am pretty sure the device is not sending anything anymore.

If anyone has experience with the MultiTaction in general or has encountered similar issues with Ventuz and TUIO, please share you experience.


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