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vpr exe

Posted: 08 Jun 2013, 13:17
by gabrielefx
I would like to distribute Ventuz presentations to people that don't know Ventuz, don't know how to download it, don't have an Internet connection.
I would like to see an option that embed Ventuz dlls into an autoextracting vpr file. The installer should recognize if Ventuz is already installed in the machine, if no it proceeds with the installation, checks the available resources, and shows the editor's note, eg: "this presentation can run with a minimum of 3GB of video ram"
The player should have options like: antialiasing on/off, rebulding of textures and filters and some other optimization features.


Re: vpr exe

Posted: 10 Jun 2013, 15:27
by Oliver
put the installation fle onto the usb stick with the vpr and create a readme.txt with your specs and change the Video settings in the machine config inside your installation folder.
You could also write a batch for it to fast access it...
Texture wise - you can never alter a vpr. if its not made for it. (thats part of the concept)
Means if you want to change textures in a vpr you have to reference them into an external folder the user can interact with.