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New Gesture Control

Posted: 04 Mar 2013, 13:24
by felipeaugusto44

take a look at this New Gesture Control. there is any possibilities this work with Ventuz?

Bests Felipe Augusto

Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 07 Mar 2013, 01:07
by happyt
A friend has the leap motion, but not that impressed. Perhaps too close for presentations.


Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 15 Mar 2013, 17:50
by ErikB
I have the Leap motion and I like it. It does what it says it does very well, and I think it could be very interesting for certain Ventuz applications, but yes, it has a limited field of detection. For its intended purpose, however, that should be enough. It also is still being worked on in terms of SDK, so there is quite a bit still to come.

The Myo looks interesting, but I don't believe the videos until I have played with it myself. It is a very interesting concept, though, and in some ways more promising than many of the ideas out there.

Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 18 Mar 2013, 08:52
by Marko
ErikB wrote:..., but yes, it has a limited field of detection.
Hi Erik,
I also intented to order the leap motion controler.
Could you describe the limitation a bit more detailed?
Thanks Marko

Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 20 Mar 2013, 12:45
by Oliver
Back to gesture control -
Im pretty sure this will work good with Ventuz.
As far as I remember (I read about the device a couple of Weeks ago) the device will send its Data via bluetooth to a machine which has some kind of software running.
The devs promise a very substantial API.
And since Ventuz offers you a lot of Input possibilities it should be no problem.
I preoredered one already and Im sure there will be some posts about it here as soon as its released.
I can Imagine that this COULD be a good alternative for big Events where you dont want to use a Lasertouch or sth similar.
But we will have to wait what promises the devs keep and which they dont.


Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 22 Sep 2014, 07:46
by MrTompkins
I'm just one step away to get a new MYO after waiting for more than a year BUT I just saw that the SDK is using the C++ interface.

Maybe that's a stupid question but I'm not really a programmer.
I just know the basics to use C# for Ventuz and I was able to connect the leap motion controller and get "almost" all events into Ventuz.

Here is my question:
Is there a way that Ventuz 4 can connect with MYO's C++ SDK with the C# node?

Best regards

Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 23 Sep 2014, 02:56
by ErikB
Yes, we had it running in the office. We should make a video snippet on it at some point.


Re: New Gesture Control

Posted: 23 Sep 2014, 09:49
by Daniel Willer
The video is almost finished and the project will be available soon.

Stay tuned!