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This forum. Search

Posted: 11 May 2012, 12:38
by Svetozar
Can searching in this forum be without annoying and helpless message:

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The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: ....
It happens ALWAYS! I tries input next word: script, event, size, message, connect, etc...
Even input several those words together - error the same! But forum not so big for using this rule!

Re: This forum. Search

Posted: 15 Aug 2012, 11:44
by Oliver
Yes, your absolutly right, its annoying and im on it.
Ty for your opinion.

Re: This forum. Search

Posted: 10 Sep 2012, 12:43
by Daniel Willer

Re: This forum. Search

Posted: 09 Jan 2013, 15:46
by Svetozar
Daniel Willer wrote:Fixed!
Thank you! Its magic)