Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

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Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

Post by selor » 25 Jan 2012, 16:47

Hi ventuzians :shock:

I will have some advise about your expérienced methods for these 3 concepts and différences between them. In order to achieve this case as example :

Situation : Imagine you have one HD projector with a server in front so a résolution of 1920*1080.
Another second projector for another screen with à résolution of 1400*1050

For this case i will use 2 servers with Nvidia Quadro 5000 + Gsynch Nvidia card inside.

i Would be sure to have my vidéos synch with the audio and between the 2 servers to be absolutely sure that the frames are perfectly synced over servers.

:arrow: 1 - On the Gsynch Cards you can use Genlock input and activate an external signal (for example an external Blackburst or composite signal). For the moment the cards seem viewing a 49.9HZ

:arrow: 2 - Another solution is to activate the Framelock on the Gsync cards wich is àn RJ45 cable ethernet connector .. (how to connect it ? what does it doing ? receive or sending something ? How parameters to verify under a ventuz scene ?

:arrow: 3 - Maybe the cluster clock solution will be better ? how to deploy it ? Functions or settings under ventuz to verify or only the hardware settings cluster clock activated but how connect all ?

In brief i would really understand and know all the différence between these 3 cases and the incidence or difference to choose the better choice for all my ventuz setups.

Thanks for all your help.

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Re: Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

Post by Robert » 27 Jan 2012, 23:03

Salut Antho,

For this case you could use one Ventuz server with 2 hd outputs and play with FOV node and aspect ratio property to match the 4/3 ratio in one output.




Re: Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

Post by selor » 30 Jan 2012, 12:51

Hi Robert :)

Thank You i understand and know this but for another event i really need to understand how working with cluster/framelock or genlock and understand the difference or process to work with .


Re: Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

Post by selor » 30 Jan 2012, 13:03

HI and Thanks Robert

But we really need 2 servers. And i am interested in understand definitively who to work with these under ventuz.



Re: Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

Post by selor » 02 Feb 2012, 10:18

HI Alex Thanks but we make some test between 2 servers with a collegue .
And Yes ..we look the documentation . both ventuz and Gsynch .
My question is about HOW or what is the better choice between this 3 techniques ?

After many tests cluster clock seems often loosing frames on the second machine

The better result was to make a Genlock/Synch house Synch on the first server and Framelock the second server on the master. (As explain in Nvidia Doc ..)
Under ventuz the only way is to put Swap synch as ON and cluster clock as Off Right ?
Is it Enough ?


Re: Genlock - Framelock - clusterclock ?

Post by selor » 02 Feb 2012, 18:43

HI Alex and realy thanks you very much to your advise. its pretty clearest know for me on some parts.

But i continue some questions related about audio and video synch because we have lots of differents setup possibilities and its important to understand all in order make the best running it.

What about the Audio in this cluster clock method ?
Ralph said in an old post that there is 2 differents quartz .. one for audio and one in the graphiccard .. explaining the difficulties to synch them.
Robert advise me to use an animation container with audio separated (wav or something) and the video control link inside the same animation container in order not loosing the synch between audio and video k ? So after theses explanations .. if you have to make a softedge of 4 * 1920*1080 graphics (7680/1080 less softedging).. for example using 2 servers with an Nvidia card with Gsynch ..
With the same method : External framelock/genlock on the Master server (cluster clock active + swap synch) .. and with the cluster + swap synch active on the second server.

Is it the best way to avoid synch problems ? (as i imagine the audio clock not using any info of genlock or such things right ? so in ventuz what is the best way )
And in this case is it really important to make the container animation tips with audio separate ? (not really important in case of ambiance musics but i mean for big synch short films splits in piece of readable formats .. hd or 720P with the same global ratio.
Alex Klein wrote: For nvidia, it seems to work okay with one display but I have failed to get it running with more than one display connected to a single machine. Nvidia didn't seem to see that as a problem, at least that was the reaction I got from the technician I talked with...
I am afraid to understand you : for example in our quadro 5000 if you re using the 2 displays outputs using their fake horizontal span in their driver (Mosaic) we coud have more problems than just using for example 2 servers with 1 output dvi hd on each with a cluster clock synch ?

Its important for me to know it because in most ways i was trying using 1 server 1 quadro when i have 2 HD projectors with soft edge for the moment. Tell me if it will be better to use 2 servers :))

thanks for all Alex

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