FadeIn/Out object with HLSL or Alpha Blending used

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FadeIn/Out object with HLSL or Alpha Blending used

Post by anebo » 14 Jun 2015, 10:33

Hi there,
I want to ask You if there is a way to fadeIn/Out object with parrent Alpha node and using alpha blending node/hlsl shader at the same time.

In the attached example are shown two ways I am currently using to multiply two textures together:
1. Using the HLSL shader found in this thread http://forum.ventuz.com/viewtopic.php?f ... iply#p4729
2. Using Alpha Blending node to set alpha information based on color of texture image

Both of them are working fine unless I am using alpha node (1,2) on the top of hierarchy to make fades. But when I do it always makes 0/100 step so the object is not fading at all. That is kind of frustrating.

The reasons I need find the solution:
- I want to avoid use of QT RGBA animation movs which are really huge and sinks ventuz into lower frame rates. (Most of Our Scenes are multilayered with need of blending)
- I want to apply HLSL shaders on Live Video feeds (ie adjust Live video Contrast/saturation/multiply them etc.)

Any advice or workarrounds will be appreciated. Thanks :)

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