Sound repetition (bug)

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Sound repetition (bug)

Post by pr0me » 09 Jul 2014, 22:36

Hello folks,

I've got a little problem with playing sounds during a slide show.
I'm currently using Audio Clip Nodes to play sound files, supposed to start with the "presented" state of a slide/keyframe animation
and to end when the slide fades out, i.e. with "EndDefault".

But whatever way I try, everytime the slide fades out and the sound's supposed to stop, there is a small repetition, the first 0.5secs of
the soundfile are getting played again.

I tried to connect the node's "play" and "stop" states directly with the keyframe animation, I connected it using event nodes as handler
and I tried using the "Control" state and editing the whole thing in the time-line animation editor, all with the same

I hope you guys can help me one more time, thanks!

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Daniel Willer
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Re: Sound repetition (bug)

Post by Daniel Willer » 10 Jul 2014, 09:32

Hi there
can you provide a simple sample .vza file I cannot reproduce the problem here.


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