Countdown as Background

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Countdown as Background

Post by pr0me » 05 Jul 2014, 21:29


I'm very new to this awesome software and want to display a clock or a countdown in one corner of the background, which has to be visible at all times.
Probably the solution is pretty easy, but I couldnt think of a way.

And is there a way to display a countdown in a m:s way like 1:08 and not only in seconds?

Thanks in advance,


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Daniel Willer
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Re: Countdown as Background

Post by Daniel Willer » 09 Jul 2014, 08:44

Hi there

This is pretty simple just use the Timer or the DateTime node connected to a ConvertToText node to format the time to your needs.
Press F1 on the ConvertToText to see how time formatting works.
For a counter with minutes and seconds the Format in the ConvertToText would look like that.

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Re: Countdown as Background

Post by squiggle » 09 Jul 2014, 11:48

This is quite a handy reference:
When you use the Convert-To-Text-Node you only need the part inside these { } brackets.


Re: Countdown as Background

Post by pr0me » 09 Jul 2014, 22:21

Thanks for the replies!

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