ventuz touch Korean keyboard

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ventuz touch Korean keyboard

Post by Poly Kim » 30 May 2014, 09:35

I made a ventuz english keyboard with using "textfield input" node, and I didn't use neither script node nor ventuz remoting. And, it works well and done with ONLY ventuz nodes.

Now, I'm trying to make a ventuz Korean keyboard, which I must handle with Unicode. I tried to do it with "textfield input" node just as I did for ventuz english keyboard, but I failed.
Can I handle Unicode with "textfield input" node?

I'm experienced in making virtual keyboard, with c# winform message hooking.
Thus, I tried to do it via ventuz remoting, and I failed again. :(

My workaround was using C# script node.
And, while I was doing it, I found some interesting stuffs. If anyone can find what I'm doing wrong, please feel free to let me know.

This above is what I'm expecting. This is ventuz render window.
Please do not mind english key. I just manually typed "폴리", which means "Poly" on "Block Text" node.
This means ventuz has no problem showing korean letter on his render window.

I did like this above.

You can see the expected output, but not the exact one.
It should be "폴리", but it is "ㅍㅗㄹㅣ".
Does this have something to do with Microsoft IME ? Is there anything what I can solve this ?
When I type the same letter on c# script node script editor, I can see "폴리", not "ㅍㅗㄹㅣ".
It works very well as for kroean letter.

I know that I must change the "flag" as "chagned true" on c3 script node. ... ript#p6313
Thus, the incoming Text on this pic above is "ㅍㅗㄹㅣ", but it is not applied to the output property. It is just null value.
Am I missing something ?

I've been struggling with this for a couple of days. hope i can find some help from those who are better than i am.
thank you for reading


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