sending photo vial email

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sending photo vial email

Post by alfred » 09 Mar 2014, 09:03

I am developing a photo wall that needs sending photo via email. In this case, what is the necessary configuration do I have to make in Ventuz?


Christian Krix Schmidt
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Re: sending photo vial email

Post by Christian Krix Schmidt » 09 Mar 2014, 14:42

There are a lot of different ways of creating this solution. One way would be to trigger a snapshot of your current scene using the snapshot node to take a still from your scene and the texture saver to save it to disk. The file name should be created dynamically, for example using the email you are sending to. That data would be gathered from a user interface, for example a touch keyboard in your scene. You then need either a script in Ventuz that sends the email or a separate application that sends the email. If it is an external application you need to communicate with it from within Ventuz and tell it what to send. That could be done via OSC. Send an OSC package with the filename and all the other data, such as name, email address etc and this other application will receive it and send the data. You can also have that application send an OSC command back to Ventuz to let your scene know that the email was sent. Or you use TCP protocol if you want something a bit more reliable. Alternatively you could go with a much simpler approach. Simply store the name of the snapshot and all other data in a text file and send the emails manually at the end of each day. Yes, this will result in a delay but it is also very save, much less complicated and really works. Plus you have a nice database to give the client with names and email addresses afterwards. Which you should save anyways for them - just in case some emails did not get sent.


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