Video streams in Ventuz

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Video streams in Ventuz

Post by lokishen » 09 Sep 2013, 13:15

Dear Ventuz team,

How to input live video stream over MMS, HTTP or UDP?

All I have got is one article on < > - [Video streams in Ventuz] posted in 2009. ... in-ventuz/
This article point out that MMS is not working under Windows7, but HTTP might be have a chance.

Accurately I built up a [Windows Media Service] under [Windows Server 2008] which can broadcast video stream via MMS and HTTP.
Service works well in [Windows Media Player] but nothing happened when I specified the stream ULR in the File property of the [Movie Clip] node.

Thanks in advance.


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Daniel Willer
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Re: Video streams in Ventuz

Post by Daniel Willer » 06 May 2014, 12:12

Ventuz 4.04 that will be released soon will have a Movie Stream node.

Stay tuned!

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