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production layout

Post by javier » 05 Sep 2013, 11:01

I´m reading the Ventuz manual, and in this chapter (Multi-Display Setups and Output Shaping) I have some problems because I don't understand at all where to put the projection node. You said:

"This is done by inserting a Projection Node of the same type as used in the Design Layout before the Scene Port of the Production Layout."

Well I have two layouts, Designer to watch the entire scene, and Production but both two refered to the same scena that has an scene port...It's before this scene port where I should to put the projection node?

Can somebody send a picture....

At the end, you have this expression:

((A == 2) ? 25.0f : -25.0f) / 3.0f

can you say me what does it mean the number 3.0f in this exemple? I suppose that the numbers 25.0f refer to the displacement of the output

Thank you

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