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by Dierk Ohlerich
28 Feb 2018, 14:04
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Datapath Vision LC capture cards
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Re: Datapath Vision LC capture cards

From the manual : "Ventuz supports the Vision-AV and Vision-SC series, including the VisionSC-HD4+ board. "

Vision LC is new, and not yet supported. I am pretty sure we will add support for this, but no schedule has been made yet.

-- Dierk
by Dierk Ohlerich
04 Oct 2017, 08:55
Forum: Ventuz Alpha Discussions
Topic: Features
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Re: Features

* X over lifetime : use the gradient module. * Scale by speed : use the remap or gradient module. You will need to set a speed that represents the speed for maximum scale. * lighting: currently the particles are rendered using a simplified material. We will add full material support later, may be th...
by Dierk Ohlerich
27 Sep 2017, 12:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Embedded Audio from hdmi capture card
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Re: Embedded Audio from hdmi capture card

If you want to have audio from the capture card come out of the windows audio output device, make sure you enable the windows audio output device in the "audio" section, then add a crosspoint from the capture board to the audio device.
by Dierk Ohlerich
08 Nov 2016, 15:20
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: VR feature requests
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Re: VR feature requests

Hi Thomas, 1) the feedback comes at the touch nodes that are hit, and not at the controller node. 2) Yes, the position after teleport is not reset correctly. We will fix this for 5.03.00. 3) You can switch the IntersectiontType from BoundingBox to Mesh, that should do the trick. 4) Web Browser shoul...
by Dierk Ohlerich
26 Sep 2016, 09:52
Forum: How to
Topic: HLSL Vertex Textures in V5
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Re: HLSL Vertex Textures in V5

yes, Copy paste the old nodes from V4 is the way to do it for now.
by Dierk Ohlerich
01 Jun 2016, 14:35
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: LTC Timecode
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Re: LTC Timecode

Thanks for pointing out this bug. The bug was very easy to fix. This fix will be part of the next Ventuz 4 and 5 releases.

-- Dierk
by Dierk Ohlerich
24 May 2016, 10:55
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Movie Clip Buffer
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Re: Movie Clip Buffer

Assuming nothing weird happens, the movie clip node does prebuffer the loop-start-point, but this is not visualized. then it will start decoding from were the prebuffered loop point ends, and this is visualized in the performance statistics. There are many reasons for a spike in CPU. First the cpu s...
by Dierk Ohlerich
07 Apr 2016, 08:29
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Fullscreen renders at actual cluster resolution?
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Re: Fullscreen renders at actual cluster resolution?

Go to the statistics icon, and enable the statistics and then layer processing. This will show exactly what rendertarget-sizes are used for rendering and the layering / postprocessing. Please send a screenshot so we can analyse.
by Dierk Ohlerich
07 Sep 2015, 12:51
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: (URGENT) Using 2 BlackMagic Intensity (Pro 4K and Shuttle)
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Re: (URGENT) Using 2 BlackMagic Intensity (Pro 4K and Shuttl

Due to the large number of different Blackmagic products and high frequency of product updates, we can not test every Blackmagic product. The Intensity Pro 4k is a pretty new model and I never had one in my hand. We will try to get one and do some testing soon. Unfortunately this will take longer th...
by Dierk Ohlerich
09 Apr 2015, 08:10
Forum: How to...
Topic: Question about soft edge blending..
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Re: Question about soft edge blending..

DI you have created a render-setup with overlap, and do you have correctly warped the outputs?

Automatic Soft-edge will create the ramps for crossfading in the overlap once you have correctly warped everything.