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by Kabixx
18 Dec 2018, 22:24
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Topic: Master Playlist
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Master Playlist

During a show when u are using Director and have 3-4(or more) different playlists it is sometimes hard to jump to a specific moment in show (let's say we have to follow Event scenario, we have to omit some part of the show, which forces us to change something quickly on every Playlist). Creating som...
by Kabixx
18 Dec 2018, 21:39
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Adding SVG to VisualsIndexer
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Adding SVG to VisualsIndexer

Hi guys,

Just a small suggestion, don't u think it would be a good idea to add svg to the VisualsIndexer, as of now it is recognized as an Image but i think it would be simpler to add it as an additional type.