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by carlbtv
20 Mar 2017, 13:05
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: JSON Array properties to array
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JSON Array properties to array

The JSON nodes are great! It would be useful to be able to get access to a given property within an array of JSON objects as a Ventuz array for further processing. For example, take the following JSON defining a list of generic events: { Events: [{ "Name": "Event1", "EventTime": 1.23 }, { "Name": "E...
by carlbtv
20 Feb 2017, 11:51
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Arranging hierarchy
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Re: Arranging hierarchy

Hey Joe. I've come across this. If there is cloned geometry further down the chain from the node you are moving, you are prevented from moving it. Not sure if it's by design or a bug.