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by dpaniego
28 Nov 2016, 17:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ventuz v.3 - complete End Of Life
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Ventuz v.3 - complete End Of Life

Dear Ventuz v.3 users, As you might know, with the release of Ventuz 5 our legacy Ventuz 3 version was officially designated as End of Life (EOL) - this implies that since February 2016 this version is no longer maintained, and Ventuz didn't provide neither technical support nor new developments for...
by dpaniego
02 Nov 2016, 15:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ventuz 5.2 released!
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Re: Ventuz 5.2 released!

Hi all, We know that some active DP to HDMI converters work with Vive and Oculus customer versions and AMD FirePro boards. As Dennis mentioned, it seems to be related to the standards supported by the converters. In any case, if you have tested some active converters that work fine, could you please...
by dpaniego
05 Aug 2016, 11:43
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: LUT in Ventuz 5?
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Re: LUT in Ventuz 5?

That's a very good question but.. what type of LUT - 1D, 3D?? And more important, which LUT format, because there are a myriad of LUT formats out there like .clt, .csv, .cube, .mga, .m3d, .3dl, .itx, .dat, .txt, and .EE, just to name a few. Here you have a list of just the LUT file formats supported...
by dpaniego
04 Aug 2016, 15:13
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Topic: Any Ventuz users out there using NDI in their projects_
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Any Ventuz users out there using NDI in their projects_

Hi all, I´ve seen that lots of the recent questions in the forum are related to our new NDI support on Ventuz 5.1, and I was wondering, who is actually using NDI, or thinking about using it, in real projects? If so, just ping us, we could be interested in promoting it on our marketing communications...
by dpaniego
22 Jul 2016, 15:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Does V5 license work for V4?
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Re: Does V5 license work for V4?

Hi, You can run version Ventuz 4.07.02 or newer with Ventuz 5 license, if you have the new dongles - the round shaped ones with a red band in the middle. If you have the old black, square shaped dongles, you can run both v.4 and v.5 depending on the licenses you have enabled. In any case, most V.4 p...
by dpaniego
23 Jun 2016, 09:05
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Topic: Laptop Recommendation 2016
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Re: Laptop Recommendation 2016


Just to let you know, right now we are starting certification of some laptops with Ventuz 5, mostly mobile workstations. So stay tuned for more information here or in our website during coming weeks.