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Postby dotajink » 21 Apr 2017, 10:37

I would like to do an interior visualization project which has a lot of lights, ventuz5 why support the lights only eight? Far enough to meet the needs! Why can not support more lights?
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Re: ventuzlight

Postby Christian Krix Schmidt » 21 Apr 2017, 14:02

That's the limit of the realtime engine. Chances are that for your project you won't actually have more than 8 lights illuminating each surface in your scene at the same time. YOu can use the Lighting Group node to overcome the 8 light limit. Simply use the Lighting Group node to limit a specific number of lights to a specific group of objects. Say the room on the first floor has 6 lights so group them with a Lighting Group. These lights will not affect the kitchen on the ground floor. And you can still use up to 8 lights for the kitchen if you really have to.

If you are doing interior visualization I would highly recommend you prebake a lot of lighting in your scene in your 3D modeller. And you only use Ventuz lights to accentuate that lighting. Then you won't need as much lights too and it will be faster and better quality.

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Re: ventuzlight

Postby Dennis » 24 Apr 2017, 08:27

Thanks Christian,

yes thats all correctly :)

Next to that if you do interior Viz you should bake your lighting situation like it is standard for such things :) GI, AO, even the most Shadows got Baked by a raytracer of your modeling software.
This eliminates the need of maaaaaaany lights in your scene. Using the Raytracing-method from your modeling software also boosts the quality of your textures whole look :)
Only for real-realtime objects which are moving and would create a more natural look while moving, we would use lights and realtime shadows.

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