Multi selection on material | keep base color

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Multi selection on material | keep base color

Postby lerou » 19 Oct 2016, 10:28


a good thing about Ventuz is that you can select multiple nodes of a certain type and edit their values at the same time. This does not work with the new material node. I've got a node twice, same settings, select both and change the texture (or the color). It only changes on one object. Still it makes me believe it works as the fields can be edited. That's a bit confusing (might lead to errors whenever you don't see all those elements on screen) and honestly also a bit annoying.

And while we're at it: when you have a material that's set to lit with a base color. Say you dragged in an image and set up a color. Then you realize you don't want lighting (in may case: 98% of the time) and switch over to no light - your color is gone. I'd like to keep the color even when switching between lit and no light. Or: in the menu where you select "no light -> white/grey/.." there could be an entry with the current base color.

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Re: Multi selection on material | keep base color

Postby Dennis » 21 Oct 2016, 09:15


Already created a ticket for that..

especially for multiselections and multibindings ;)
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