Did U know? - "Fast Resource Loader binding"

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Did U know? - "Fast Resource Loader binding"

Postby Karol » 02 May 2016, 10:02

To get e.g. a Texture Loader node bound to a Material node with only few clicks, drag the Texture Loader node in the Hierarchy Tree (!!!)
Et voila! This is a new feature of V5.

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Certain Content nodes can be dragged to Hierarchy and a binding to the appropriate Hierarchy node is created automatically:
- Movie Clip/Stream/Frame
- Live Video
- Gradient
- Texture Loader

You can do the same with the LayerEditor. Dragging these Content nodes to LE creates the necessary bindings or Layer type:
- Movie Clip/Stream/Frame
- Live Video
- Gradient
- Texture Loader
- Color
- Switch
- Group
- Scene/Template Port

You can also drag certain resource files directly to HE or CE or LE:
- CE: Images, Movie Clip, Data [TXT,XML,XSL,JSON, Excel]
- HE: Images, Movie Clip, ImportGeometries
- LE: Images[..., PSD], Movie Clip, ImportGeometries
Dropping a File while holding the CTRL-Key will create a Reference to the dropped file, while dropping it without holding it will copy the file to the Project.
Images can also be dragged from a WebBrowser - again as a reference or a copy. Files that can be dropped in the Layer Editor, can also be dropped in the Document Bar - this will create a new Scene with the resulting Layer in it.

Texture Providers can be dropped onto a Material Node to create a new Material Stage with a bound Texture Property to the dropped node. The same applies to dropped files.

Happy binding
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Re: Did U know? - Fast Resource Loader binding

Postby ErikB » 02 May 2016, 10:55

You can even drag an Excel Cell (hold control and drag the border of the cell) directly into the content editor!
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Re: Did U know? - "Fast Resource Loader binding"

Postby stephen » 05 Aug 2016, 11:31

Updated Karols Post with even more Shortcuts of this kind!
And a short overview in form of a Video. :)
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Re: Did U know? - "Fast Resource Loader binding"

Postby _aTom_ » 05 Aug 2016, 14:05

wow that´s great ;) cool features to improve the workflow
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