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Postby hgoodsir » 09 Oct 2014, 15:26

hi all, in director is it possible to have templates cross fade transitions currently the templates just animate In/out. also what would be cool is the ability to change the layout of project data position/scaling of buttons / tabs
like you would layout your interface when building in visual studio.
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Re: features

Postby Alex Klein » 09 Oct 2014, 16:09


thanks for the suggestion. Cross-fade transitions are something we have been considering for a long time but it's not something we plan to do in the next couple of months. They really only make sense when the timeline finally gets full editing capabilities which will take time...

Considering the project data panel layout, I'll open up a ticket for it but again it's nothing that we will be able to prioritize in the short term. The amount of UI work to make such a layout editor flexible enough is quite big and we believe most mid-to-huge-sized projects will opt for writing a plug-in anyway to have full UI customization capabilities. In the end it comes down to: would you rather have us spend 3 months on a layout editor or 3 months on transitions? There are simply to many other great ideas for improvements we can pursue first...
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