Multi channel for templates

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Re: Multi channel for templates

Postby plkmarudny » 09 Jun 2014, 09:22

The problem with a data marker and in general the way templates are handled is that animating between two values is not possible, only a hard cut. This is a serious limitation I am afraid. What if I want not just to move a picture like in the scene attached to this thread but also make a transition between both old and new values? A simple fade for example.
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Re: Multi channel for templates

Postby Alex Klein » 10 Jun 2014, 15:08

Concerning data markers: Actually, due to the nature of how the whole Ventuz binding system works, there is no easier/better way to do this. We spend A LOT of time coming up with different concepts when we started the template engine but none of them worked if you really think the through the whole way. A binding/property can only have one value at any given time so you need to have two values and rendering objects to do a cross fade (so a text node with the old text and another text node with the new text). If I remember correctly, there is a way how to do this with a loop transition and correctly copying over the old value to the element that is fading out before the data marker is reached. But I personally am not the expert on animation editor, I'll work on the Director itself. I'll relay the question to a colleague, maybe he can build you a simple example on how to do it.
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