[Shader] Unexpected behavior with SasUiMin/Max

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[Shader] Unexpected behavior with SasUiMin/Max

Postby TVM Cracklings » 04 Dec 2015, 08:04

Accidentally hit this bug.

Reproduction steps:
  1. type in
    Code: Select all
    int _1<float SasUiMin = 1; float SasUiMax = 4;> = 1;

    somewhere reasonable. Press Update.
  2. A parameter called [Parameters]/..._1 should appear in properties GUI.
  3. Now drag the bar.

This seems to be caused by a type mismatch between variable _1 and SasUiMax. It's probably not a great deal, should be prevented anyway, but it would most likely be better to make it an error instead of an undefined behaviour.

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