Hierarchical Stencil Masking

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Hierarchical Stencil Masking

Postby Karol » 10 Dec 2013, 16:23

Hi Ventuzians!

Sometimes it's necessary to mask a region within a superior Stencil mask. You need this e.g. to build advanced Tickers or Menus in Ventuz.
Such rendering is not achievable with the simple Stencil Set and Test nodes - you need the Stencil Advanced node.
I built an simple example with three mask layers to show how to configure the Stencil nodes to get the correct result. Enjoy!

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Re: Hierarchical Stencil Masking

Postby arthamas » 17 Apr 2015, 20:21

Hi Karol,

I'm still not getting the Stencil Advanced node..
Could you make a very simple scene with just two of them with some more detailed explanations?
How do I invert the mask with this advanced node?
How do I stack them together(multiple masks)?
I want to get the basic logic of it. Even when checking your Help page on the subject I don't get it.

http://www.ventuz.com/support/help/V3_0 ... encil.html

I'm not sure this level of complexity is needed .. All this bit mask calculation with operations should be transparent. Most people won't get it and will just not use it.

I'm not sure either why this is called a Stencil. Most people know those nodes as a Mask.

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Re: Hierarchical Stencil Masking

Postby Karol » 20 Apr 2015, 12:34

Hi Daniel!

What about Stencil Set/Test nodes? Are they not sufficient for your needs?
The Stencil Adv. node just represents the Stencil functionality of DirectX 9.
That's why it's so complicated.
You could check the MSDN documentation:
https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/librar ... 85%29.aspx

Best Regards
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