Movie advanced playing fast

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Movie advanced playing fast

Postby Robert » 17 Jun 2012, 22:58


Sometine a seek instruction make the video playing fast without any reason.

Did somebody encountered this problem too ?

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Re: Movie advanced playing fast

Postby errox » 28 Feb 2013, 16:29

I encoutered the same problem.
It happens if you set "AfterSeek" to Pause and invoke both methods "Seek" + "Play".
Sometimes I needed this to have a ResetToBeginning functionallity and to have a ResetPlay function, but it's not working like this.

You have to set "AfterSeek" to Play and use "Seek" for ResetPlay, thus you got no ResetToBeginning functionallity.
You can switch the "AfterSeek" with string input to change the functionallity, thus you have both functions:
Seek performs ResetToBeginning or ResetPlay depending on switch case.

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