Ventuz 4 shaders

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Ventuz 4 shaders

Postby gabrielefx » 02 Jul 2013, 10:44

Hi would like to know if Ventuz 4 will have an improved rendering engine with the use of dx10 shaders.

For architects, designer, set designers Ventuz could be an incredible tool to show realtime architectures or virtual sets.

I recently downloaded Sandbox SDK and I was literally astonished by the photorealism of this software but videogame tools are different beasts and creative people wants less passes to create realtime/interactive 3d graphic.

I know that all the effects that we see in videogames are created by shaders: shadows, area lights, oceans, water, volumetric fog, reflections, etc.

I would like to see all these cinematic effects better integrated in Ventuz 4 because we could create photorealistic virtual sets.

I don't know if the Ventuz 4 rendering engine will out with new shaders to improve the render quality....but I hope so.

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